April 9, 2020

Welcome Spring! Happy Passover! Joyous Easter!

This has been an unusual Holy Week for people of faith across the country. Church-sponsored egg hunts, with kids racing across open fields collecting candy-stuffed colorful eggs on beautiful spring days; fancy new clothes and shoes, and glorious crowded sunrise worship services are not things we’ll see this year.

Instead, this will be a time for virtual gatherings. As Jews celebrated the first night of Passover, families connected over Zoom, where some closed by saying, “next year in person.” This season of corporate gatherings, worship, songs and praise will instead be a time for quiet introspection and prayer.

A bright light shines in the actions of friends and neighbors:

• Groups making Easter cards for delivery to Veterans homes

• Palm branches and Easter egg deliveries to families, along with instructions for guided worship and meditation

• Shopping for Kosher Passover foods distributed to those who celebrate the Seder

• Telephone assurance lines to check in with families and those who are alone

• Hot meal delivery to underserved communities

• Neighborhood food and cleaning collections for delivery to those in need

• Families coming together to make new traditions in a time of change

We pray that you will experience the bright light of faith in these difficult times. Happy Passover! Joyous Easter! Welcome Spring!

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